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Requesting a Commission

The aim of Pictish Badger Design is to provide custom made chain mail jewellery and other curiosities.

Below are some rough guide prices to give an idea of how much a commission will cost, however every piece will receive an individual quote on acceptance of the commission. I'm always open to new ideas and willing to try new designs.

14-20 for a pair of earrings, depending on the style and materials. 8-15 for a Japanese-style bracelet, depending on materials and number of colours wanted. 1.50/inch for large chain, 3.25/inch for a fine chain necklace or bracelet or 25 for a 6in1 choker (15 for a bracelet in that style).

Please Note: These prices are intended as a guide and don't reflect the increased price of materials, especially the high cost of precious metals like gold and silver. This shouldn't effect small items much, but will be more noticable with some of the bigger pieces.

To request a piece to be commissioned, please email me using the following .

I have a shop on Folksy here for "stock items", such as the Japanese-style bracelets, earrings and glow stick holders, when they are available.

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