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My Folksy Shop

PictishBadgerDesign - For "stock items", when available, such as the Japanese-style bracelets, earrings and glow stick holders.

Friends Craft Sites

Sarah the Smith - Handmade silver jewellery.

Retrothrust - Sarah's other shop.

Chainmail Kitten - A different style of chain mail jewellery.

The Great Big Bead Shop - Jewellery making supplies for all tastes.

Chain Mail Related

The Ring Lord - The site who have kindly allowed the use of their materials graphics.

Royal Amouries - Britain's oldest museum and holder of one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of arms and armour in the world.


CAM Rider - The people I did my CBT and DAS with. I'd throughly recomend you look them up if you're looking to get a motorbike lisence!

The British Motorcycle Federation - Europe's largest rider group.

BDSM Related

Please note that the content on some of these sites may be adult in nature. PBD takes no responsibility for anything you may encounter!

By Appointment To The Leather Family

Wyred Slave - Securing Your Love

The London Fetish Fair

Birmingham Bizzare Bazaar

Affordable Leather

Other Links

ADDventure Within - ADHD coaching and support in the Cambridge area

ADDventure Within - ADHD coaching and support in the Cambridge area

the Infinte Fractal Loop - A wonderful collection of fractal sites.

Bill Bailey - If you don't know who he is, go and find out.

Vampire Rave - The Ultimate Vampire Resource and Directory

The Devil's Panties

Badger Badger Badger

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